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As a business owner, you want to protect your ownership interest in your business when you become disabled, retire, or die.  A Business Succession Plan offers comfort to you, your partners (if applicable), and your family that a plan is in place for a seamless transition process and timely settlement of your estate. 

Your PPS Advisors will work with you to establish your goals and objectives for each possible situation, establish a decision making process, create the succession plan, create a business and owner estate plan, and create a transition plan.  Your Plan will be designed to be executed smoothly, in a cost-efficient manner and with a maximum tax benefit.

Traditional business transfer methods include cross-purchase agreements and entity purchase agreements and typically are funded by life insurance.  Life insurance pays immediately upon death, so there are no liquidity or time constraints

If you have a family-owned business the planning process can be complex and emotional, especially if family members are involved. Here are some of the key succession issues we will address:

  • Transition of the business to the next generation
  • Alignment of family interests
  • Create a fair and balanced buyout agreement
  • Family member disputes
  • Estate and inheritance issues

Your Advisor will work closely with your business lawyer and accountant in ensuring that the Plan considers all legal and taxation ramifications. 


Closely-held businesses face new challenges every day. Proper planning is critical in helping to control the direction of your business. Your PPS Advisor will provide with strategic guidance and implementation services related to Tax Planning, Capital Needs (funding for growth), Employee Benefits Plans, and as described in  Business Succession Planning,  Estate Planning.  


We provide the following services:

  • Assist you to in determining the appropriate menu design for your plan based upon your participants’ needs and demographics.
  • Create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to provide guidelines regarding the investment of your plan assets.
  • Select a unique Investment Menu from a wide array of investment options offered by investment managers who are not affiliated with PPS Advisors.
  • Host on-site education meetings and provide a robust ongoing education platform to assist your employees in preparing for each life stage.