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Our Philosophy

Our clients seek to prudently grow and protect their assets.  We believe that effective long-term investing should include pro-active risk and return management, access to carefully-selected array of global investments, and an experience that encourages clients to stay the course over time. 

Our portfolio management team has developed consistent, disciplined and repeatable investment and re-balancing processes, tailored to the risk tolerance of each investor.  Our investment philosophy is implemented through of a diversified, global “Core and Satellite” portfolio management strategy.

Our Core holdings are managed and consist of a variable mix of U.S. Small, Mid, and Large Cap Equities, Foreign Large Cap Equities, and Global Investment-Grade Fixed Income.  The primary risk inherent in these investments are interest rate and equity market risk (beta).   Typically, the core comprises 70-80% of most portfolios.

We surround the Core with Satellite holdings, such as Emerging Market Debt, Real Estate Securities, High Yield Bonds, Managed Futures and Long/Short Equities.  Although these investments introduce new types of risk, they offer strong diversification (diversification cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses or market risk) benefits.  Satellite investments often have low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income investments.  They offer high risk premiums so the higher potential for returns.  We feel asset classes are typically inefficient and provide skilled, active managers with opportunities to potentially capture excess potential return (alpha).

The information presented is provided for informational purposes only and not to be construed as a recommendation or solicitation.  Investors must make their own determination as to the appropriateness of an investment or strategy based on their specific investment objectives, financial status and risk tolerance.  Past performance is not an indication of future results.  Investments involve risk and the possible loss of principal.