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Family Office Services

A Clear Choice...

You seek a better way to manage your family’s wealth and all that comes with it. Managing relationships with multiple financial planning, asset management, insurance, tax, legal, and other advisors can be challenging and time consuming. We offer a truly coordinated approach to help you grow your wealth, manage risk, reduce taxes, prepare and educate the next generation, and provide the legacy you envision.


PPS Family Office Services

Our PPS Family Office Services team specializes in addressing the unique needs of wealthy families. Whether your wealth is inherited, the result of successful business ownership, or earned in the corporate world, we serve to coordinate all the financial complexity facing your family.

Your team spends time to get to know you and your family to gain a deep understanding of your goals, concerns, preferences, business issues, and family dynamics. We conduct a thorough analysis of your entire financial situation to assess progress relative to financial planning, asset management, risk management, tax reduction, estate planning, philanthropy, and/or business goals. Ultimately, our customized, integrated strategies allow you to deliver the legacy you have long envisioned and strived to provide.