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Risk Management Services

  • When we develop and implement your Financial Plan we focus on strategies intended to help protect your assets from the impact of certain events.  Risks include:
  • Decrease in portfolio values due to unexpected market movements and/or poorly diversified portfolios.
  • Serious health events (e.g. disability, excessive and rising healthcare costs, need for nursing and/or long term care, need for personal representative to manage your affairs, etc.).
  • Excessive taxation during life and/or after death due to poor planning.
  • Asset loss or damage (e.g. car accident, theft, flood, hurricane, tornado, fire).
  • Damage to another person’s property resulting from negligence and liability lawsuits.
  • Excessive debt and/or overspending.
  • Life events (e.g. death, divorce, birth, marriage, re-marriage, care of aging relative, funding college, retirement, job loss, underemployment).
  • Outliving your income-producing assets.

We apply risk management approaches in our Asset Management strategies, consistent with your personality and goals

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